Lynette Ferreira is a fan of supernatural inspired romance stories with unexpected twists and breathtaking endings. Her first novel, My Recycled Soul, was published in 2008.

New Release: ForNever: A Shade of Witch >

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Stories by Lynette:

My Recycled Soul
When we Love
Guardian Angel
Soul Drifter
My Life Hereafter
Dead Girl > Available for pre-order

SPAM (A Horror Novel)
The Shape of My Soul
The Girl in Room Thirteen

Would you Remember ME
All Over Again
Only in My Memories
The Dark, Dark House

The Vampire Pirate Saga:
William The Damned
The Vampire Pirate’s Daughter
The Vampire Virus

The Counting Stars Series:
Forever Young

i am lucas Series:
In The Beginning
Once in a Blue Moon

The OtherWorld Series

ForNever Series:
ForNever: Timeless
ForNever: A Shade of Witch
ForNever: Infinite Futures > Available for pre-order

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