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My Recycled Soul / Lynette Ferreira

The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, believed everything happens for a reason, always. That every experience in your life was designed to shape you and reform you into the ultimate and greatest version you could ever imagine yourself to be.

 “To someone who can’t read, letters on a page appear to be random, when in reality they are precisely ordered.”- Deepak Chopra

In My Recycled Soul, Elizabeth has a crush on a boy and the day he notices her, her stepdad announces they are moving to a different country. She is devastated, but in Ireland, she meets Jared and meeting him knocks the air right out of her lungs. It is as if she had always know him. Something happens, and because of a silly decision by Elizabeth their paths separate, but then Elizabeth meets Joshua. Through a series of events, some sad and some happy, Elizabeth comes to the place where she was always meant to be.